February 24, 2020 PRESS RELEASE

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association (CVMA) today announced that the Association’s President Mark Nantais has decided to retire effective April 1, 2020 after 36 years with the CVMA.

The CVMA Board, including the Presidents of FCA Canada, Ford of Canada and General Motors Canada extended its congratulations and sincere thanks to Mr. Nantais for his major contributions to the success of Canada’s automotive industry over the past three decades.

Mark Nantais has represented Canada’s leading automakers and exporters as CVMA President throughout periods of prosperity and economic and technological change, successive North American and international trade agreements and as a leading voice for the sector on numerous collaborative groups and committees.

“Mark will be greatly missed for his tremendous knowledge of the complex automotive regulatory environment in North America including trade, safety, environmental, consumer and countless other matters,” said CVMA Chair and FCA Canada COO David Buckingham. “As our long-standing CVMA President, Mark has earned the respect and admiration of our members, the CVMA staff, governments and our many industry partners across Canada. We wish Mark and his family all the very best for a healthy and well-earned retirement.”

About the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association (CVMA)
The Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association is the industry association that has represented Canada’s leading manufacturers of light and heavy duty motor vehicles for more than 90 years. Its membership includes FCA Canada, Inc.; Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited and General Motors of Canada Company. Collectively its members account for more than 50% of vehicles produced in Canada, operate 5 vehicle assembly plants as well as engine and components plants, and have over 1,300 dealerships. 130,000 jobs are directly tied to vehicle assembly in Canada. Direct and indirect jobs associated with vehicle manufacturing are estimated at over 500,000 across the country.