Canada’s automotive industry is a strategic cornerstone of the economy, accounting for tens of thousands of high value – high technology manufacturing jobs in Ontario and across the country.

CVMA advocates on behalf of the automotive industry and its member companies to ensure the health and wellbeing of the automotive industry over the long term and that it remains competitive in the ever changing global market place.

CVMA works with its members companies and all levels of government developing consensus-based positions respecting a broad range of public policy issues.

The CVMA’s current strategic priorities include:

  1. Enhance automotive competitiveness in Canada by promoting an investment climate that is conducive to advanced vehicle manufacturing and technology innovation. Included therein is the need for a competitive cost environment for manufacturing respecting energy rates (electricity), an efficient regulatory regime in which to operate and flexible investment supports.
  2. Ensure Canada’s free trade agreements support the highly integrated Canadian automotive manufacturing base and result in meaningful opportunities for two-way trade and increased Canadian vehicle exports.
  3. Continued pursuit of regulatory harmonization for Canadian and U.S. vehicle standards that considers the high levels of North American economic and manufacturing integration and the benefits to consumers.

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