The Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association has an 90-year history of representing the Canadian automotive industry’s largest manufacturers.

The Canadian Auto Manufacturers and Exporters was incorporated in 1926, and has undergone several name changes since then: in 1931, to the Canadian Automobile Chamber of Commerce in 1964 to the Motor Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association, and finally in 1996 to the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association. All the while, the Association’s goal and mandate of providing effective representation for the auto industry in Canada has remained paramount.

Today, the CVMA’s members include Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited, General Motors of Canada Company and Stellantis (FCA Canada Inc.)

The CVMA, its members and the automotive industry as a whole have grown along with Canada for almost a century. In fact, the North American automotive industry was born in Canada.

Today, as countries around the world seek the strategic economic and social advantages of a strong domestic auto industry, the CVMA’s work is more important than ever.

The CVMA provides the forum through which some of Canada’s largest employers and exporters (not to mention contributors to GDP) can establish a single voice on issues of strategic national importance.