Driving our Economic Health and Prosperity

Canada is the tenth largest vehicle producer in the world. The auto sector is one of Canada’s leading contributors to manufacturing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and is its largest manufacturing employer.

The industry directly supports over 130,000 jobs and about 500,000 direct and indirect right across the country in assembly and components plants, over 425 Original Equipment (OEM) parts manufacturers, over 1,300 dealerships and many other directly related industries. It is estimated that for every OEM employee there is an employment multiplier effect of 7 additional jobs. There are many workers in intermediate and spinoff jobs from the automotive industry due to the complex manufacturing supply network with many tiers of suppliers across a wide array of industries.

The Canadian vehicle assemblers are highly competitive. In 2016, vehicles were the top Canadian export, valued at $64 billion, 95% of which were exported to the United States.

The Canadian automotive industry is a leader in the development of a highly skilled workforce, innovative research and engineering related to artificial intelligence and connected & autonomous vehicles in Canada, action to improve environmental quality and a major contributor to the health of Canada’s economy. The industry is committed to contributing to Canada’s future industry landscape.