CVMA Applauds Government for Securing New International Trade Crossing Arrangement.

February 19, 2015 PRESS RELEASE

The Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association (CVMA), representing FCA Canada Inc., Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited and General Motors of Canada Limited, applauds the Government of Canada’s announced arrangement with the United States that will allow for the New International Trade Crossing (NITC) to move forward without delay.

The arrangement, announced by Transport Canada Minister Raitt, which allows for the cost of the U.S. port of entry to be repaid to Canada from future toll revenues, ensures that the development of the crossing will move forward immediately. “A state of the art, highly efficient, effective and reliable new crossing with improved flow of goods is essential to maintaining our competitive place in global markets,” stated Mark Nantais, CVMA President. “This is very positive news for our industry as this crossing supports a main artery of the auto industry’s supply chain.”

North America’s highly integrated automotive industry builds its products seamlessly on both sides of the Canada and U.S. border. The New International Trade Crossing (NITC) will provide the needed additional international infrastructure capacity at the Windsor-Detroit gateway.

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The Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association is the industry association that has represented Canada’s leading manufacturers of light and heavy duty motor vehicles for more than 85 years. Its membership includes Chrysler Canada Inc.; Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited and General Motors of Canada Limited. Collectively, its members sell 48% of all vehicles in Canada and account for 65% of total vehicle production, operate 5 vehicle assembly plants as well as engine and components plants, and have over 1,300 dealerships. 125,000 jobs are directly tied to vehicle assembly in Canada. Direct and indirect jobs associated with vehicle manufacturing are estimated at over 500,000 across Canada. Please visit

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