Canadian automakers applaud new vehicle green house gas emissions standards.

April 1, 2010 PRESS RELEASE

Canada’s automakers applaud the government of Canada for following through with its commitment to introduce new national standards for vehicle greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions that are fully aligned with the national standards also finalized in the United States today. In effect, this creates a single continental approach to vehicle-related GHG emissions.

This regulation will require all manufacturers that sell new vehicles in Canada to meet very aggressive standards. When fully implemented and compared with existing voluntary requirements, these tough new standards will represent a 40% improvement in vehicle fuel economy and a 30% improvement in carbon dioxide (CO2) reductions.

“When it comes to the regulation of vehicle emissions for maximum environmental benefit, the federal government recognizes that it must be done in a manner reflecting the integrated nature of the auto industry and the entire North American market in which we operate,” said Mark Nantais, President.

“Moreover, adoption of a single national standard allows advanced technologies to be introduced faster, more efficiently, and with greater penetration across Canada by making these technologies more affordable without restricting vehicle choice.”

“This announcement sets the regulatory path forward that automakers need to achieve the goals of improved fuel efficiency and reduced GHG emissions that we all share”, said David Mondragon, President of Ford Motor Company of Canada and Chair of the CVMA.

The leadership the Canadian government has shown in committing to the principle of a continental approach to vehicle GHGs is most welcome. The opportunity now exists for all jurisdictions to commit to follow this same approach, in order to ensure that Canadian consumers have access to vehicles that meet their needs and that include the latest environmental and safety technologies, at the lowest prices.

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