Automotive industry reaction to the tabling of Bill 104

April 2, 2016 PRESS RELEASE

The automotive industry is investing more than $200 billion developing multiple technologies, including electric vehicles that will make significant reductions in GHGs from the personal transportation sector, while meeting customer vehicle needs.

Members of the CCAQ, CVMA and GAC, which represent all vehicle manufacturers and new car dealers in Quebec maintain that the government’s introduction of a zero-emission law to stimulate the supply of electric vehicles in Quebec undermines rather than supports the government’s policies which have resulted in Quebec being a leader in electric vehicle sales in Canada. Experience also shows that forced sales ratios are not working in other jurisdictions, as Quebec is already doing better than jurisdictions with similar laws in US North East states.

“While our members support electric vehicle technology, and are working to educate consumers about electric vehicles through our website forcing electric vehicles onto dealer lots does not mean that consumers will purchase them,” said Jacques Béchard, President of the CCAQ representing Quebec’s 850 new car dealers.

“There are better ways to improve electric vehicle penetration which focus on creating consumer demand and understanding of the benefits of the technology and our view is that this is best done collaboratively with government,” said Mark Nantais, President of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association.

“While there are obvious impacts on manufacturers from such legislation–especially those that do not currently have electric vehicles in their vehicle portfolios – the impact on dealers and consumers could more dramatic in terms of financing inventories and overall availability of a broad range of vehicles that meet the needs of consumers,” said David Adams, President of the Global Automakers of Canada.

Electric vehicles will be an important technology moving forward as the industry and consumers make the transition to low carbon transportation. Consumers must be able to make a value judgement based upon their transportation needs to select the most cost effective vehicle choices to meet their family’s and business needs.

Furthermore , knowing that older cars (over 11 years ) account for over 33 % of Québec’s vehicle fleet measures that accelerate the replacement of these older, less fuel efficient vehicles such as vehicle scrappage incentives provide a significant opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Jacques Bechard
President-directeur general

Mark Nantais
Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association

David C. Adams
Global Automakers of Canada

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