Automakers Applaud B.C. Government’s Continued Commitment the Announcement for Clean Energy Vehicle Program

March 2, 2016 PRESS RELEASE

The Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association (CVMA) applauds the British Columbia government’s announcement today to renew and enhance the Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) consumer incentive program in British Columbia.

“This is a welcome announcement as it provides British Columbia consumers the needed support over an extended period of time to purchase plug-in electric vehicles,” said Mark Nantais, CVMA President. “Incentives remain important to support consumer adoption and contribute to the continued reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Allowing these vehicles the use of high occupancy vehicle lanes will serve to highlight the availability of these plug in vehicle technologies to B.C. drivers.”
“Consumers alone make these buying decisions,” said Nantais. “Further expansion of public, residential and workplace charging infrastructure will also help spur wider acceptance of EV options that are now widely available to car buyers.”

There are more than 20 plug-in electric vehicles models available to B.C. consumers and this number is expected to grow in response to improving consumer demand.
Advance technology vehicles are being introduced at an unprecedented pace and the electrification of the automobile is a centrepiece of industry research and development activity. Automakers are investing hundreds of billions of dollars in new technology development to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adding more plug-in electric vehicle model offerings and making future product announcements across a growing number vehicle segments.

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