FCA, Ford and General Motors are leading drivers in Canada’s automotive manufacturing industry.

The automotive is industry is a vital to the Canadian economy.  The industry sector is a key driver for Canada’s economy contributing significantly to our nation’s manufacturing GDP, providing tens of thousands of direct (115,000) and indirect jobs. For every auto assembly job, 7 to 9 other jobs are created in the economy.

It is one of Canada’s most strategic business sectors contributing almost 12.5 %of Canada’s manufacturing GDP and 20% alone to Ontario’s economy. The CVMA members export roughly 97% of the vehicles produced, making it a key source of foreign exchanges. The industry is progressive and continuously improving and provides Canadians with high-wage, high skilled manufacturing jobs.

CVMA members see Canada as a place to do business and continue to invest here.  This is showcased by some recent investment announcements:

  • $2 Billion (U.S.), FCA – Windsor Assembly
  • $700 Million, Ford –  Oakville Assembly
  • $800 Million, GM – CAMI Assembly Plant Ingersoll

In 2016, 2.35 million vehicles were manufactured in Canada; CVMA members produced 60% of Canada’s total production. Canada ranks 10th in the world in vehicle production. Vehicle sales for 2016 reached 1.95 million units; CVMA members, FCA Canada Inc., Ford and General Motors accounted for roughly 45% of total Canadian light duty vehicle sales.

The auto manufacturing sector including its supply chain is highly integrated between Canada and the U.S.  Manufacturing plants on both sides of the border are fiercely competing for capital, investment and new product mandates. This integrated nature of the industry provides significant benefits to both the Canadian and U.S. economies.