AAPC-AMIA-CVMA Joint Statement on Canada-Mexico-U.S. Summit in Ottawa. Auto Industry Urges Greater Integration and Trade Policy Cooperation

June 28, 2016 PRESS RELEASE

In advance of the upcoming North American summit meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico and President Barack Obama of the United States, the associations representing the American, Canadian and Mexican automotive industries issued the following joint statement:

The auto industry serves as a driving economic force in the integrated North American economy. Automotive products account for 20% of total North American trade, making automotive goods the single largest category of traded products, and this sector supports millions of American, Canadian and Mexican jobs. Together we are more competitive than we ever would be apart.

As our leaders gather for these historic meetings, we encourage them to adopt policies that will expand economic growth and prosperity. As each of the three countries negotiate trade agreements with third parties, we urge our governments to coordinate on issues like rules of origin, including North American cumulation, and addressing non-tariff barriers to ensure that these trade agreements fortify the North American automotive supply chain and increase North American auto exports. We also call on our governments to take further steps to eliminate Customs procedures that impede efficient vehicle and auto parts commerce between our three countries. Advancing these priorities will promote the competitiveness and continued growth of the North American industry, and the millions of jobs it supports across the continent.

This statement follows a joint letter sent last month by the three auto associations to each of their respective trade leaders, urging similar cooperation and collaboration on future trade deals negotiated with common trade partners. To view a copy of the joint letter, click here.