The CVMA welcomes Canada’s strengthened climate plan

December 11, 2020 STATEMENT

Statement by Brian Kingston, President & CEO of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association:

“We applaud the government’s ‘A Heathy Environment and a Healthy Economy’ plan released today. Auto manufacturers are committed to the fight against climate change by investing billions in electrification, bringing more electric vehicle models to market than ever before and improving vehicle emissions through technological advances.

We welcome Canada’s commitment to work closely with the incoming United States Administration on approaches to the consumer availability of zero-emissions vehicles (ZEV) in both countries and continued alignment of light-duty vehicle emissions regulations. Alignment with the United States is critical if Canada is to continue benefitting from the integrated North American auto industry and the significant investment flows and jobs it creates for Canadians.

Encouraging more Canadians to purchase ZEVs requires a suite of financial incentives, readily-available charging infrastructure and education efforts. CVMA members appreciate the government’s commitment to increasing ZEV adoption through additional investments in ZEV charging infrastructure and the Incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles program. There are currently over 40 ZEV models available to consumers with dozens of new models coming to market in the next few years, giving Canadians access to an increasingly wide range of ZEVs to suit every need.

As part of the government’s efforts to reduce vehicle emissions we urge the introduction of a vehicle scrappage program to accelerate the adoption of a full range of newer vehicles that provide increased fuel efficiency and safety. Such a program would drive the economic recovery from the pandemic while helping to achieve Canada’s climate objectives.”

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